Don’t lose hope facing bankruptcy

We help Eastern North Carolina residents and businesses navigate the legal complexities of bankruptcy with dignity

Bankruptcy Attorney in Greenville NC


Never did you see yourself filing for bankruptcy.

You work hard and do the best you can to pay down your debt. But your best is never enough. The creditors continuously call your phone asking for money.

This whole process leaves you feeling

Scared for your family’s future
You loss control
Like your power has been taken from you
Scared what people will say if they find out

Don’t go through this alone

We believe you deserve to work with a firm that will help you


Protect your income & assets


Hope for the future


Make peace with your creditors

Bankruptcy Attorney in Greenville NC

We understand the impact the word bankruptcy can have on you physically and mentally. Having an experienced professional to support you can ease the stress of the process.

For the past 24 years, we have been helping residents and business owners in Eastern North Carolina walk through the bankruptcy process.

Those who work with us find hope again and breathe a sigh of relief.

Finding hope is only 3 steps away


Schedule a consultation

During our consultation, we will have a brief assessment of case and gather all necessary documents


Create a plan

We review the documents and create a plan on how to proceed.


Hope again

With a clear path forward, hope is in your future.

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