You work hard for what you have.
We help you protect it.

Remember that first paycheck you’ve ever received?

Sure you might have uttered a few choice words when you saw how much tax the government was taking from you. But, there was still a sense of pride within you. You were probably thinking that this was the outcome of your hard work.

It felt good!

Fast forward a few years, and you’ve accumulated many assets.

Do you have a way of protecting them?

We want to protect what you’ve worked so hard to accomplish.

Whether you are facing bankruptcy, starting a business, or passing assets to your children, we want to help you protect your assets.

Meet your legal dream team

Scott Kirk

C. Scott Kirk

Scott has a heart of service. For over 20 years he has sat with his clients through the tears of bankruptcy, prepared them for the journey of starting a new business, and celebrated with them as they pass their estate to their children.

Amber Daniels

Amber Daniels

 You need a local expert who cares about your business and family.

Protect business

Protect your assest

save time

Save time

Peace of mind

Get Peace of Mind

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